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Reasoning Religion

Posted on: July 15, 2013

Question #4.

One of the ways of knowing in religion is reason. Reason is used in religion to try to understand what is being taught to us. We try to use reason to try and make sense of the teachings of our religion. Reason alone is not enough to try and understand religion. We must use reason together with the other ways of knowing to properly understand religion. Reason for the other areas of knowledge can have a larger or smaller role in trying to know things. For example, reason can have a very dominant part in trying to understand sciences while it may not be as important to things such as arts and morality. For religion, all of the ways of knowing are equally important in trying to know the teachings. An example is in the Creation stories in the book of Genesis. Our reason tells us that this is impossible, but we still continue to believe because of the other ways of knowing that allows us to see the meaning of the story. We see also how reason is used in religion in Pascal’s Wager. He was able to use reason to convince people to believe in God’s existence.


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