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SOP Day 4 Reflection

Posted on: January 29, 2012

Yesterday was our last SOP day. Since it was the last day, our group prepared a special performance for those at the Laura Vicuña Foundation. When we got there, we still helped them in some of their homeworks, but we mostly just played with them. We played Monopoly with each other until it was time for our performance. To our surprise, they also had a performance for us and while they performed, we watched and applauded when they finished. After them, it was our turn to perform for them. We sang some songs and at the end, we each said a personal message to them. In return, they also gave some thank you cards to show their appreciation. After all of these, we ate the food that we all brought together. We left a little later than usual because we all had a good time and it took some time to say our goodbyes. In this last SOP day, I learned that all of us can make a difference in a person’s life without us even knowing that we did so. Our smallest of acts can have a big impact on the lives of others.


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